Man pages for kendonB/degreedays

bins_ssCalculate degree bins using the single sine method.
days_in_bin_dailyCalculate days in bin for daily data.
helloHello, World!
parDotProdDot product calculator
parInnProdInner product calculator
poly_ssCalculate degree polynomials using the single sine method.
sin_estimate_NumericVectorSine function with max and min given.
spl1_band_dailyCalculate degree days/degree-1 splines for daily data.
spl1_band_ssCalculate degree days/degree-1 splines of temperature using...
spl3_band_dailyCalculate degree days/degree-3 splines for daily data.
spl3_band_ssCalculate degree days/degree-3 splines of temperature using...
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