Man pages for kenjisato/hwmgr
Homework Management over GitHub Classroom and R

draft_homeworkCreate a homework assignment (starter codes and instructions)
enterStart working on assignment repository
git_addA wrapper function for git2r::add
git_branchesA wrapper function for git2r::branches()
git_checkoutA wrapper function for git2r::checkout
git_commitA wrapper function for git2r::commit
git_headA wrapper function for git2r::head
github_api_createCreate a GitHub repository
github_api_deleteAPI path and method to delete a repository
github_api_editAPI path and method to edit repository information
github_api_getAPI path and method to get repository information
github_api_listAPI path and method to list repositories.
git_pushA wrapper function for git2r::push
git_statusA wrapper function for git2r::status
git_upstream_getA wrapper function for git2r::branch_get_upstream
git_upstream_setA wrapper function for git2r::branch_set_upstream
leaveLeave the repository
start_courseSet up a course directory.
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