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This package runs JAGS (Just Another Gibbs Sampler) analyses from within R. It acts as a wrapper and alternative interface for the functions in the rjags package and adds some custom output and graphical options. It also makes running chains in parallel quick and easy.

You can install the package from CRAN, or get the development version from Github:


Acknowledgments: Martyn Plummer, developer of the excellent JAGS software package and the rjags R package; Andrew Gelman, Sibylle Sturtz, Uwe Ligges, Yu-Sung Su, and Masanao Yajima, developers of the R2WinBUGS and R2jags packages on which the package was originally based; Robert Swihart, Marc Kery, Jerome Guelat, Michael Schaub, and Mike Meredith who tested and provided helpful suggestions and improvements for the package.

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