Man pages for kevinrue/unisets
Collection of Classes to Store Gene Sets

FuzzyHits-classFuzzyHits Class
FuzzyHits-methodsMethods for 'FuzzyHits' Objects
FuzzySets-classFuzzySets Class
FuzzySets-methodsMethods for 'FuzzySets' Objects
GOHits-classGOHits Class
GOHits-methodsMethods for 'GOHits' Objects
GOSets-classGOSets Class
GOSets-methodsMethods for 'GOSets' Objects
IdVector-classIdVector Class
IdVector-methodsMethods for 'IdVector' objects
ioImport and export
Sets-classSets Class
Sets-methodsMethods for 'Sets' Objects
unisets-packageunisets: Collection of Classes to Store Gene Sets
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