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Tools, Measures and Statistical Tests for Cultural Evolution

binaryfeaturematrixConvert a meaning matrix to a binary...
check.distCheck or fix a distance matrix.
count.substring.occurrencesCount occurences of all possible substrings in one more...
enumerate.meaningcombinationsEnumerate meaning combinations.
enumerate.substringsEnumerate all substrings of a string.
hammingdistsPairwise Hamming distances between matrix rows.
mantel.testPerform one or more Mantel permutation tests.
normalisedlevenshteindistsCompute the normalised Levenshtein distances between strings.
orderinsensitivedistsCalculate the bag-of-characters similarity between strings.
page.testPage test for monotonicity of ranks.
read.distRead a distance matrix from a file or data frame.
repmatrixExtend a matrix by repetition of elements.
segment.stringSplit strings into their constituent segments.
shuffle.locationsPermute the rows and columns of a square matrix.
sm.compositionalitySpike's segmentation and measure of additive...
ssm.compositionalityFind a segmentation that maximises the overall string...
temperature.colorsCreate a vector of 'temperature' colors (from blue over white...
wrap.meaningdistfunctionMake a meaning distance function vectorisable.
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