Man pages for kevinwang09/SmokyScotch
I like Scotch and R

binaryClassScoresCompare the true classification with a matrix of predictions
cleanDigitsClean the digits in a data frame
clean_names_charClean a character vector in the same algorithm as...
compareBinaryClassResultsCompare the true classification with a matrix of predictions
cvPartitionCreating CV data partition
logitCVPerforming CV using glm(family = "binomial")
logitCV_multiPerforming CV using glm(family = "binomial"), allowing...
namedVector2DfConvert a named vector into a data.frame
panel_corA better pairs plot function
panel_scatter_ablineA better pairs plot function
pcaPlotPlotting PCA via a prcomp object
plotlmPlot scatter plot of two vectors and fit a linear model
rfCVPerforming CV using random forest
rfCV_multiPerforming CV using random forest, allowing multiple cores
samplewiseCorCalculate samplwise correlation
scale_colour_scotchScotch colours.
scale_fill_scotchScotch colours.
scotchColourBetter colour palette than Set 1 from library(RColorBrewer)
svmCVPerforming CV using svm
svmCV_multiPerforming CV using svm, allowing multiple cores
table2DataFrameTurn a table into a data frame
topViewDisplay the first k rows and first k columns of the data
tsnePlotPlotting tSNE via a Rtsne object
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