Man pages for kevinykuo/sparklygraphs
R interface for GraphFrames

gf_algoCreate a GraphFrame Algorithm Object
gf_algo_resultExtracts the result of a GraphFrame algo run
gf_bfsBreadth-first search (BFS)
gf_cacheCache the GraphFrame
gf_connected_componentsConnected components
gf_degreesDegrees of vertices
gf_edge_columnsEdges column names
gf_edgesExtract edges DataFrame
gf_findMotif finding: Searching the graph for structural patterns
gf_graphframeCreate a new GraphFrame
gf_in_degreesIn-degrees of vertices
gf_lpaLabel propagation algorithm (LPA)
gf_out_degreesOut-degrees of vertices
gf_persistPersist the GraphFrame
gf_registerRegister a GraphFrame object
gf_sccStrongly connected components
gf_shortest_pathsShortest paths
gf_triangle_countComputes the number of triangles passing through each vertex.
gf_tripletsTriplets of graph
gf_unpersistUnpersist the GraphFrame
gf_vertex_columnsVertices column names
gf_verticesExtract vertices DataFrame
spark_graphframeRetrieve a GraphFrame
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