Man pages for khufkens/daymetr
Interface to the 'Daymet' Web Services

calc_ndCount days meeting set criteria
daymet_grid_aggAggregate daily Daymet data
daymet_grid_offsetReturns a time shifted (offset) dataset
daymet_grid_tmeanAverages tmax and tmin 'Daymet' gridded products
daymetrInterface to the 'Daymet' Web Services
download_daymetFunction to download single location 'Daymet' data
download_daymet_batchThis function downloads 'Daymet' data for several single...
download_daymet_ncssFunction to geographically subset 'Daymet' regions exceeding...
download_daymet_tilesFunction to batch download gridded 'Daymet' data tiles
nc2tifConverts netCDF (nc) files to geotiff
read_daymetRead Single Pixel Daymet data
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