Man pages for khufkens/phenocamr
Facilitates 'PhenoCam' Data Access and Time Series Post-Processing

contract_phenocamContracts the file from 1-day to a 3-day time step
daylengthCalculates day length (in hours) and the solar elevation
detect_outliersDetect outliers in PhenoCam time series
download_phenocamDownloads PhenoCam time series
expand_phenocamExpand a PhenoCam time series from 3-day to a 1-day time step
grviCalculate green-red vegetation index (GRVI)
list_roisList all site regions-of-interst (ROIs)
list_sitesList all site meta-data
merge_daymetMerge Daymet data with a PhenoCam time series
normalize_tsNormalize PhenoCam time series
optimal_spanCalculates the optimal span for a loess spline
phenocam_explorerStarts the phenocamr shiny interface
phenophasesCalculates phenophases
process_phenocamFunction to post-process PhenoCam time series
read_phenocamRead PhenoCam time series data
smooth_tsSmooth a PhenoCam time series
transition_datesCalculates transition dates for a PhenoCam time series
truncate_phenocamTruncate a PhenoCam time series
write_phenocamWrite a phenocamr data structure to file
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