Man pages for kidzik/freqdom.fda
Functional Time Series: Dynamic Functional Principal Components

freqdom.fda-packageFunctional time series: dynamic FPCA
fts.cov.structureEstimate autocovariance and cross-covariances operators
fts.dpcaCompute Functional Dynamic Principal Components and dynamic...
fts.dpca.filtersFunctional dynamic PCA filters
fts.dpca.KLexpansionDynamic KL expansion
fts.dpca.scoresFunctional dynamic principal component scores
fts.dpca.varProportion of variance explained by dynamic principal...
fts.freqdomCreates an object of class 'fts.freqdom'.
fts.plot.covarianceContour plot for the kernels of cross-covariance operators.
fts.plot.filtersPlot kernels
fts.plot.operatorsContour plot of operator kernels.
fts.rarSimulate functional autoregressive processes
fts.rmaSimulate functional moving average processes
fts.spectral.densityFunctional spectral and cross-spectral density operator
fts.timedomObject of class 'fts.timedom'
fts.timedom.truncTruncate functional timedom object
is.fts.freqdomChecks if an object belongs to the class fts.freqdom
is.fts.timedomChecks if an object belongs to the class fts.timedom
pm10PM10 dataset
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