Man pages for kintero/usbbmap
Provide access to National Broadband Map API: http://

bipByStateIdGet BIP (Broadband Initiatives Program) by State Ids.
bipByStateNameGet BIP (Broadband Initiatives Program) by State Names.
censusByCoordGet census information by coordinates.
censusByFipsThis function finds the geography of a specified geography...
censusByGeoThis function finds all the geographies specified by...
countyBroadbandSearch broadband availability by county name.
demographicsByCoordGet demographics information by coordinates.
demographicsByGeoThis function allows the user to search for the demographic...
geolookupFind all geographies of a specified geography type..
osmGeocoderOSM Geocoder
summaryBroadbandThis function returns broadband summary data by geography IDs...
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