Man pages for kippchicago/silounloadr
Functions to convey and prep data from KIPP Chicago's Silo data warehouse to an R session.

calc_academic_yearCalculate School or Academic Year from date
calc_ps_termidCalculate PowerSchool TermId given first year of a school...
connect_to_bqCreate connection to BigQuery warehouse and return object to...
connect_to_dbCreate connection to Silo warehouse and return object to...
get_alumniCollect table from Alumni mirror
get_alumni_dbCollect table from Alumni BQ mirror
get_deanslistCollect tables from DeansList
get_illuminateCollect table from Alumni mirror
get_illuminate_mirrorCollect table from Illuminate_mirror
get_kbCollect table from Kickboard db
get_nweaCollect table from NWEA
get_nwea_mapCollect table from 'nwea_map' dataset on Big Query
get_parccCollect table from PARCC
get_powerschoolCollect table from PowerSchool on Big Query
get_psCollect table from PowerSchool_mirror
get_teachboostCollect tables from TeachBoost
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