Man pages for kitdouble/ShinyIRT
Test and Item Analysis via Shiny

dataMedicalDichotomous Dataset of Admission Test to Medical School
dataMedicalgradedGraded Dataset of Admission Test to Medical School
dataMedicalkeyKey of Correct Answers for 'dataMedicaltest' Dataset
dataMedicaltestDataset of Admission Test to Medical School
DDplotGraphical representation of difficulty and (generalized)...
DistractorAnalysisFunction for item distractor analysis
gDiscrimGeneralized Item Discrimination
ggWrightMapWright Map using ggplot
HCIHomeostasis Concept Inventory Dichotomous Dataset
HCIkeyKey of Correct Answers for Homeostasis Concept Inventory...
HCItestHomeostasis Concept Inventory Dataset
plotDIFirtFunction for characteristic curve of DIF IRT model
plotDIFLogisticFunction for characteristic curve of 2PL logistic DIF model
plotDistractorAnalysisFunction for graphical representation of item distractor...
startShinyItemAnalysisThis function will start ShinyItemAnalysis application.
theme_appComplete theme for 'ShinyItemAnalysis' graphics
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