Man pages for kittypr/RMDupdaterAddin

CompareCalls for comparing python script.
CopyAndCompareCreates copy of current report with echo option, knits it to...
ExtractNameExtracts name of current report.
ExtractTitleExtracts title from YAML information in current report.
FindFinds subvector.
IgnoreWrites exceptions to .gitignore file.
interfaceShiny gadget interface.
PerformRefactorFinds patternt in content and replace it.
ReuploadReupload draft and fair copies on Gdrive with using existing...
RMDupdaterAddinShiny gadget.
RMDupdaterAddin-packageRMDupdaterAddin: What the Package Does (Title Case)
serverShiny server.
SetCacheInserts cache option into copy of report.
SetEchoCreates copy of current report's content with echo option.
SetOptionsCreates copy of current report's content with echo and cache...
UpdateUpdates draft copy on Gdrive.
UploadUploads knitted report in two copies on Gdrive and write Gdoc...
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