Man pages for kkmann/describr
Beautiful Descriptive Tables

as_gtableMake object plottable using 'grid'
compute_pvalueCompute p-value for homogeneity nullhypothesis
describeSpecify descriptors for a table
describr'describr' object
describr-packagedescribr: making univariate descriptive tables fun in R
dscr_anderson_darlingp-value for Anderson-Darling test (homogeineity of...
dscr_cross_table_chisqp-value for chi-squared test (homogeineity of distributions)
dscr_Kruskalp-value for Kruskal-Wallis test (homogeineity of locations)
dscr_levenep-value for Levene test (homogeineity of variation)
dscr_no_testDummy class if a descriptor does not provide a p-value
dscr_one_sample_chisqp-value for chi-squared test (homogeineity of distributions)
dscr_Welch_ANOVAp-value for Welch test (homogeineity of means)
labelGet a label string from object
to_pdfCreate PDF file from plottable object
to_pngCreate PNG file from plottable object
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