Man pages for kkmann/otsd
Adaptive Optimal Two-Stage Designs in R

adoptrAdaptive Optimal Two-Stage Designs
AffineScore-classAffine functions of scores
AverageN2-classRegularization via L1 norm
boundary-designsBoundary designs
boundsGet support of a prior or data distribution
conditionCondition a prior on an interval
ConditionalPower-classConditional power of a design given stage-one outcome
ConditionalSampleSize-classConditional sample size of a design given stage-one outcome
ConditionalScore-classClass for conditional scoring function
Constraint-classFormulating constraints
ConstraintsCollection-classCollection of constraints
ContinuousPrior-classContinuous univariate prior distributions
critical-valuesQuery critical values of a design
cumulative_distribution_functionCumulative distribution function
DataDistribution-classData distributions
evaluateEvaluation of a score
expectationExpected value of a function
expectedCompute the expectation of a conditional score
GroupSequentialDesign-classGroup-sequential two-stage designs
IntegralScore-classUnconditional score class obtained by integration of a...
make_tunableFix parameters during optimization
minimizeFind optimal two-stage design by constraint minimization
nQuery sample size of a design
N1-classRegularize n1
NormalDataDistribution-classNormal data distribution
OneStageDesign-classOne-stage designs
plot-TwoStageDesign-methodPlot 'TwoStageDesign' with optional set of conditional scores
PointMassPrior-classUnivariate discrete point mass priors
posteriorCompute posterior distribution
predictive_cdfPredictive CDF
predictive_pdfPredictive PDF
Prior-classUnivariate prior on model parameter
probability_density_functionProbability density function
score-arithmeticScore arithmetic
simulate-TwoStageDesign-numeric-methodDraw samples from a two-stage design
subject_toCreate a collection of constraints
tunable_parametersSwitch between numeric and S4 class representation of a...
TwoStageDesign-classTwo-stage designs
UnconditionalScore-classClass for unconditional scoring function
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