Man pages for klapaukh/tumblR
Package for accessing the tumblr api

do_tumblr_querySend a request to tumblr
get_avatarGet an blogs avatar
get_draft_postsGet draft posts
get_followersGet the followers of a blog.
get_infoGet info about a blog
get_iterated_followersGet the followers of a blog
get_iterated_likesGet more than 20 likes in one call
get_iterated_postsGet more than the 20 posts at once
get_iterated_taggedGet more than the limilt for tagged posts
get_iterated_user_dashboardGet a users dashboard
get_iterated_user_followingGet blogs a user is following
get_iterated_user_likesGet more than 20 likes in one call
get_likesGet a blogs likes
get_postsGet posts posted by a blog
get_queued_postsGet your queued posts
get_submission_postsGet submission posts
get_taggedGet posts with a specific tag
get_user_dashboardGet user's dashboard
get_user_followingGet the blogs a user is following
get_user_infoGet user info
get_user_likesGet a user's likes
if_failedTest if an query failed
make_metaGive an object the S3 class tumblR.Meta
make_responseGive an object the S3 class tubmlR.Response
parse_blogParse a blog entry.
parse_postsDo something to parse the posts
setup_tumblr_apikeyStore your API key for use with tumblR
setup_tumblr_oauthSet up oauth to work with tumblR
tumblRtumblR a package for accessing tumblr
tumblr_to_dateTurn a tumblr timestamp into a POSIXct
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