Man pages for klarsen1/Information
Data Exploration with Information Theory (Weight-of-Evidence and Information Value)

Aggregate(helper function )Aggregate data for WOE/NWOE calculations
CheckInputs(helper function) Check user inputs and convert factors to...
create_infotablesCreate WOE/NWOE tables and rank variables by IV/NIV
InformationData exploration with information theory (weight-of-evidence...
is.binary(helper function) Calculate cross validation penalty
MultiPlot(helper function) Plot mutiple WOE vectors on one page
NWOECreate WOE table (helper function)
penalty(helper function) Calculate cross validation penalty
plot_infotablesCreate bar charts for WOE or NWOE vectors
SinglePlot(helper function) Plot a WOE or NWOE vector
trainTraining dataset
validValidation dataset
WOECreate WOE tables from aggregated data (helper function)
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