Man pages for kleebaum/geoelectrics
3D-Visualization of Geoelectric Resistivity Measurement Profiles

calcRelativeCoordsCalculate Relative Coordinates
GpsCoordinates-classGPS Coordinates Class
heightAdjustmentAdjust Profile Height
levelplotLegendLabelLevelplot Legend Label
levelplotRawLevelplot of Raw Data
levelplotXyzLevelplot of XYZ Data
levelplotXyzHeightLevelplot of XYZ Data regarding Topography
myColorRampMaps color to resistivity value
plot3dXyzPlots Profiles 3D
plotIntersectPlot Profile Intersection
plotLegendPlots Legend
plotRawPlot Raw Data Points
plotRawHeightPlot Raw Data Points considering Topography
plotXyzPlot XYZ Points
plotXyzHeightPlot XYZ Points considering Topography
Profile-classProfile Class
ProfileSet-classProfile Set Class
RawData-classRaw Data Class
sinkholeFilled Sinkhole
XyzData-classXYZ Data Class
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