Man pages for kleinschmidt/beliefupdatr
Belief updating for phonetic adaptation

belief_updateUpdate beliefs from observations stored in a data frame
belief_update_batchUpdate beliefs in a data frame in batches
beliefupdatr-packageThe 'beliefupdatr2' package.
d_nix2Probability density function for NIX2 distribution
d_nix2_predictPredictive distribution for Normal-Chi^-2 distribution
d_scaled_inv_chisqScaled inverse chi-squared density
extract_prior_samplesExtract sampled prior beliefs from fitted model to a...
extract_updated_samplesExtract sampled updated beliefs from fitted model to...
infer_prior_beliefsInfer prior beliefs based on adaptation behavior
is_nix2_paramsCheck parameter vector for Normal-Chi^2
list_modelsList the included models
melt_samplesMelt a mult-dimensional array of samples into a df
nix2_classifyClassification function for Normal-Chi^-2 distributions
nix2_log_norm_constNormalizing constant for NIX^2 distribution
nix2_marginal_lhoodMarginal likelihood function
nix2_paramsWrap parameters into a list for updating etc.
nix2_updateConjugate updating of Normal-Chi^-2 parameters
nix2_update_oneConjugate updating of Normal-Chi^-2 parameters for a single...
prepare_data_conj_suff_stats_infer_priorConvert data into format for bulk updating with sufficient...
prepare_data_incremental_suff_statsConvert data into format for incremental updating with...
r_nix2Sample from NIX2 distribution
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