Man pages for kleinschmidt/daver
Dave Kleinschmidt's misc. utilities

aggregate_lhoodAggregate observations' likelihoods into single posterior
boot_ciBootstrapped CIs
ceil_toRound up to specified ceilings
log_sum_expNumerically stable sum of logged numbers
marginalizeConvert joint to marginal (log) probabilities
normalize_probabilityNormalize posterior
paste_factorsCombine two factors, preserving level order
paste_with_lastPaste with different separator for last pair
p_val_to_less_thanFormat p-values in "less than" notation
p_val_to_starsFormat p-values in "stars" notation
p_val_to_two_tailConvert a one-tailed to a two-tailed p value
seStandard error of the mean
select_groupsSelect groups of grouped tbl
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