Man pages for kleinschmidt/phondisttools
Tools for Analyzing Phonetic Cue Distributions

apply_model_listCompute likelihood of many models on the same data
classifyUse trained models to classify observed cue values
classify_indexical_with_holdoutClassify test data with cross-validated models
covar2Dmake a 2D variance-covariance matrix from a vector of vars...
cue_matrixExtract matrix of cues from data frame columns
get_accuracyTwo methods to compute accuracy from classifier
KL.bvnormCalculate the KL divergence between two multivariate...
KL_modsCompute KL divergence of one model from a second
list_modelsConvert data frame of models to named list
marginal_model_lhoodMarginal likelihood of data under mixture model
model_lhoodLikelihood of data under one category's model
model_matrixCreate data matrix for a model
sample_n_groupsRandomly subsample data by group
train_modelsTrain models on specified grouping variable.
train_models_indexical_subsample_holdoutTrain indexical group models with holdout and subsampling...
train_models_indexical_with_holdoutTrain indexical models with cross-validation
train_test_splitSplit data into training and test sets
unlist_modelsConvert named list of models to data frame
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