Man pages for kloke/npsmReg2
R functions for Chapter 7 of Nonparametric Statistical Methods Using R

adaptegGenerated Adaptive Regression Data Set
adaptorHogg-Type Adaptive Scheme for Linear Models
ar2Generated AR(2) Data Set
arorderAlgorithm for Order of an Autoregressive Time Series
diagdataGenerated Data Set for Robust Diagnostics
eg4parmGenerated 4 Parameter Logistic Data
hlestOne Sample Hodges Lehmann Estimate
lagmatCreates Lagged cwVariablesMatrix for AR Models
npsmReg2-packageChapter 7 Regression II, Kloke and McKean (2014)
print.RnlInternal Print Function for wilnl
print.summary.Rnlwilnl Internal Print Functions
skewnsSkew Normal Scores
summary.RnlSummarize Rank-Based Nonlinear Model Fits
wil1stp02Rank-Based Nonlinear Subroutine
wilnlComputes the Rank-Based Fit of a Nonlinear Model
wtedrbWeighted Rank-Based Fit
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