Man pages for kmaurer/iqbin

bin_index_finder_nestFind bin index from R-tree structure
index_collapserFunction to turn indeces from p-dimensions into one set of...
iqbinIterative Quantile Binning
iqbin_assignAssigning New observations to Existing Iterative Quantile...
iqbin_plot_2dPlotting 2-dimensional iterative quantile bins
iqbin_plot_3dPlotting 3-dimensional iterative quantile bins
iqbin_stretchStretching to Add Tolerance Buffer to outermost Iterative...
iqnnIterative Quantile Binned Nearest Neighbors
iqnn_cv_predictCross Validated predictions for iqnn models
iqnn_predictPredict for test data using iqnn model
iqnn_tuneTuning function for iqnn model
majority_voteSimple Majority Vote Counter
make_bin_listConvert bin bounds data frame into R-tree structure using...
make_cv_cohortsCV cohort additions
make_nbins_listFunction to create list of nbins vectors to put into tuning...
make_stack_matrixStack Matrix builder
quant_bin_1dOne-Dimensional Empirical Quantile Binning
round_dfCreate data frame with rounded number of trailing digits
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