Man pages for kmcconeghy/mdsr
A Suite of Functions for Working with Nursing Home Minimum Data Set Assessments.

chk_bene_id_18900chk_bene_id_18900: Test Beneficiary ID
chk_dmadmitchk_dmadmit: Test admission date variable
chk_dmdatechk_dmdate: Test Assessment date variable
chk_DMRECIDchk_DMRECID: Test Record ID
chk_DMREPIDchk_DMREPID: Test Repository ID
chk_dmtypechk_dmtype: Test Assessment type variable
chk_nonstdchk_nonstd: Test if non-standard variable
chk_stdchk_std: Test if standard variable
cpt_adl28Compute ADL 28-point score
mds_as_canonmds_as_canon: Test object for canon MDS file
mds_chkmdsmds_chkmds: Generate a report on MDS data.frame
mds_desmds_des: Quick function for general stats on mds file
mds_flagmissmds_flagmiss: Generate report of missingness
mds_fmtmds_fmt: Format an MDS file
mds_gendermds_gender: Reformat M3A0800 to gender variable
mds_is_canonmds_is_canon: Test if file is canon
mds_rpt_stymds_rpt_sty: Set excel formats
mds_rpt_xlsDescriptive Report of MDS File
mk_accptidmk_accptid: Make random Brown U. facility ID
mk_beneidmake_beneid: Make random Medicare Beneficiary ID
mk_providmk_provid: Make random provider facility ID
mk_repidmk_repid: Make random Repository ID
SuccessfulDCSuccessfulDC: Find those who are discharged to community
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