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The Analysis of Biological Data

abdDataFind data in _Analysis of Biological Data_
abd-packageData sets from The Analysis of Biological Data
AlgaeCO2Carbon Dioxide and Growth Rate in Algae
AntillesAntilles Bird Immigration Dates
AspirinEffects of Aspirin on Cancer Rates
BeeGenesForaging Gene Expression
BeeLifespansBee Lifespans
BeetlesBeetle Wings and Horns
BirdSexRatioSex Ratios in Birds
BlackbirdsTestosterone Levels in Blackbirds
BodyFatHeatLossHeat Loss and Body Fat
BrainExpressionProteolipid Protein 1 Gene Expression
BrookTroutSalmon Survival in the Presence of Brook Trout
CavalryDeaths from Horse Kicks
ChickadeesAlarm Calls in Chickadees
ChimpBrainsBrodmann's Area 44 in Chimps
CichlidsCichlid Mating Preference
CichlidsGnRHGnRH Levels in Cichlids
ClearcutsBiomass Change in Rainforests near Clearcuts
CocaineDopamineEffects of Cocaine on Dopamine Receptors
ConvictionsFrequency of Convictions for a Cohort of English Boys
ConvictionsAndIncomeConvictions and Income Level in a Cohort of English Boys
CricketsImmunity and Sperm Viability in Crickets
DaphniaLongevityDaphnia Longevity
DaphniaResistanceDaphnia Resistance to Cyanobacteria
dataInfo'abd' Data Sets
DayOfBirthDay of Birth
DEETDEET and Mosquito Bites
DesertBirdsDesert Bird Census Data
DioecyDioecy vs. Monomorphism in Plants
DolphinsDolphin Swimming Behavior
DungBeetlesHeritability of Body Condition in Dung Beetles
EarthwormsEarthworm Diversity and Soil Nitrogen Levels
EarwigsEarwig Density and Forceps
EelgrassEelgrass Genotypes
ElectricFishElectric Fish
ElVerdeDiet Breadth in a Rainforest Community
EndangeredSpeciesEndangered and Threatened Species
FingerRatio2D:4D Finger Ratio
FirefliesSpermatophore Mass in Fireflies
FireflyFlashFirefly Flash Duration
FlycatcherPatchForehead Patch Size in Collared Flycatachers
FlyTestesTestes Size in Flies
GeneRegulationGene Regulation in Saccharomyces
GodwitArrivalGodwit Arrival Dates
GrasslandGrassland Diversity
GreatTitMalariaMalaria in Populations of Great Tit
GreenspaceDiversity in Urban Green Space
GuppiesOrnamentation and Attractiveness in Guppies
HemoglobinHemoglobin Levels in High Altitude Populations
HippocampusLesionsMemory and the Hippocampus
histochartHistogram from tabulated data
HornedLizardsHorn Length and Predation Status of Horned Lizards
HumanBodyTempHuman Body Temperature
HumanGeneLengthsHuman Gene Lengths
HurricanesIntense Hurricanes
IguanasIguana Body Length Changes
IntertidalAlgaeIntertidal Algae
JetLagKneesCircadian Rhythm Phase Shift
KenyaFinchesBody Mass and Beak Length in Three Species of Finches in...
LanguageBrainsBrain Structure in Bilingual Humans
LarvalFishExploited Larval Fish
LefthandedLeft-handedness and Rates of Violence
LionCubsTime to Reproduction in Female Lions
LionNosesLion Age and Nose Coloration
LiverPreparationLiver Preparation
LizardBiteBite Force in Collard Lizards
LizardSprintSprint Speeds in Canyon Lizards
LobstersLobster Orientation
LodgepolePinesLodgepole Pine Cone Masses
LupusMiceAutoimmune Reactivity in Lupus-prone Mice
LynxPopulation Cycles of Lynx in Canada 1752-1819
MarineReserveMarine Reserve Biomass
MassExtinctionsMass Extinction Frequency
MoleRatsEnergy Expenditure in Mole Rats
MosquitoesBody Size in Anopheles Mosquitoes
MouseEmpathyMouse Empathy
NeanderthalBrainsCranial Capacity in Neanderthals and Modern Humans
NematodeLifespanEffects of Trimethadione on Lifespan in Nematodes
NeotropicalTreesPhotosynthesis in Neotropical Trees
NewtsTetrodotoxin Resistance in Garter Snakes
NorthSeaCodAtlantic Cod Recruits
NoSmokingDayNo Smoking Day
OstrichTempOstrich Body and Brain Temperatures
PenguinsPenguin Heart Rate
PlantPersistencePopulation Persistence Times
PollenSterility in Hybrid Pollens
PowerballPowerball Tickets Sold
PrimateMetabolismPrimate Metabolic Rates
PrimateWBCPrimate White Blood Cell Counts and Promiscuity
ProgesteroneExerciseProgesterone and Exercise
PseudoscorpionsMultiple Mating in Pseudoscorpions
PufferfishPufferfish Mimicry
RattlesnakesTemperature Change and Meal Size in Rattlesnakes
RigormortisRigormortis and Time of Death
RopeTrickIndian Rope Trick
SagebrushCricketsSagebrush Cricket Mating Times
SalmonColorPacific Salmon Color
SeedlingsNumber of Seedlings Per Quadrat
SelectionData for Meta-analysis
SexualSelectionSexual Conflict
ShadParasitesShad Parasites
ShrinkingSealsSeal Body Lengths and Age
ShuttleDisasterAmbient Temperature and O-Ring Failures
SilverswordRate of Speciation in Silverswords
SleepAndPerformanceSleep and Learning
SockeyeFemalesBody Masses of Female Sockeye Salmon
SparrowsLifetime Reproductive Success in House Sparrows
SpiderColoniesSocial Spiders
SpiderSpeedSpider Running Speeds after Amputation
Stalkies1Eye Widths in Stalk-Eyed Flies
Stalkies2Stalk-eyed Fly Eyespan
SticklebackPlatesNumber of Lateral Plates in Sticklebacks
SticklebackPreferenceMating Preferences in Sticklebacks
SumoSumo Wrestling Wins
SyrupSwimmingSyrup Swimming
TeenDeathsCauses of Teenage Deaths
TelomeresTelomere Shortening
themesLattice theme for Analysis of Biological Data
TimeOfDeathHypoxanthine and Time Since Death
ToadsRight-handed Toads
TobaccoFlower Length in Tobacco Plants
Tobacco2Flower Length in Tobacco Plants
ToothAgeRadioactive Teeth
TreeSeedlingsTree Seedlings and Sunflecks
TrematodesFrequencies of Fish Eaten by Trematode Infection Level
TrilliumTrillium Recruitment near Clearcuts
TrufflesTruffle Distribution
TsetseLearningDietary Learning in Tsetse Flies
TwoKidsNumber of Boys in Two-Child Families
VampireBitesVampire Bat Bites
VasopressinVolesVasopressin Manipulation in the Meadow Vole
VinesClimbing Vines
VoleDispersalHome Range Size in Field Voles
WalkingStickFemursWalking Stick Femur Length
WalkingStickHeadsWalking Stick Head Width
WeddellSealsEnergetic Cost of Diving
WillsDebatesPresidential "Wills"
WillsPresidentsPresidential "Wills"
WolfTeethWolf Tooth Measurements
WolvesInbreeding in Wolves
WorldCupWorld Cup Goals
WrasseSexesDistribution of Wrasses
YeastGenesYeast Regulatory Genes
ZebraFinchBeaksMate Preference in Zebra Finches
ZebraFinchesZebra Finch Carotenoids
ZooMortalityHome Range Size and Mortality
ZooplanktonZooplankton Depredation
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