Man pages for knapply/salinasr
An R package for programmatic access to the Salinas Open Data Portal API.

cache_dataCache data obtained from the API.
clean_htmlRemove HTML tags from a string.
finalize_datasetEnforce a 'dataset"s data types, as described in its...
gumA wrapper around 'glue::glue()' to remove 'glue' class.
is_emptyDoes an object contain anything?
is_geoDoes a dataset contain geospatial features?
is_metadataTest if an object is 'metadata'.
keep_if_namedFilter an object to only contained elements with desired...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sal_describe_datasetDescribe a dataset's variables.
sal_fetch_catalogFetch catalog of available data sets.
sal_get_datasetImport a dataset as a 'tibble' or 'sf' 'tibble'.
sal_get_export_linkObtain a URL pointing to a specific dataset in the desired...
sal_get_metadataGet a dataset's 'metadata'.
salinasrsalinasr: A framework to programmatically obtain data sets...
sal_research_catalogOutput catalog information in a format more conducive to...
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