Man pages for knapply/tweetio
Really, Really, Ridiculously Fast I/O, Transformation, and Analytical Routines Twitter Data

as_proto_netConvert Various Objects to 'proto_net's
as_tweet_igraphConvert Various Objects to 'igraph' graphs.
as_tweet_networkConvert Various Objects to 'network' graphs.
as_tweet_sfBuild an 'sf' Object of Tweets
example_tweet_filePath to an Example File
extract_statusesExtract All Statuses
extract_usersExtract All Users
io_campaign_metadataTwitter-released IO Campaign Metadata
pipePipe operator
read_tweetsRead Tweets into a Data Frame
tweetio_options'{tweetio}' Options
write_graphmlWrite Gephi-Friendly .graphml Files
write_tweet_csvWrite Tweets to Spreadsheets
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