Man pages for kohjim/rB3
Data handling tools for high-frequency lake monitoring buoy observations

aggTSAggregate timeseries - low level function
applyInterpInterpolate NA values
applyNthApply an nth order transfomration
assignValAssign a value or NA to the specified dates range and...
csv2rB3Convert a csv file of time-series observations into an rB3...
driftCorrApply drift correction
filterMinMaxRemove values outside of specified minimum and maximum bounds
filterRepsRemove consecutive repeated values
filterRocRemove values that exceed rate of change - replace with NA
FUNCrB3Apply a custom (user) function
idElToModifyIdentify elements locations for the specified variable and...
logsPlotProduce a plot summarising QC changes
rB3exportWrite the dataframes of an rB3 object (list of dataframes) to...
rB3getVarsReturn working variable names for the dataset
rB3ggPlot source and/or quality controlled data
rB3stdzeBuoy observation to data frame
readLongread csv with colums(dateTime, depth, varIDs, values) and...
shinyrB3Interactive data visualisation
sparseLRread a csv file with colums(dateTime, depth, varIDs, values)...
tmprAlignAutomatically remove cross thermister observation difference
varWrangleCreate or remove variables in an rB3 object
writeLAinputsWrite input files for Lake Analyzer from your rB3 files
writeLogwrites to the rB3 logKey dataframe
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