Man pages for kolesarm/RDHonest
Honest inference in sharp regression discontinuity designs

CarefulOptimSplit function into k bits and optimize on each bit in case...
cghsOreopoulos (2006) UK general household survey dataset
CheckClasscheck class of object
CVbCritical values for CIs based on a biased Gaussian estimator.
EqKernEquivalent kernel for local linear regression.
EqKernNCompute Equivalent kernel numerically
FindZeroFind interval containing zero of a function, then find the...
gssModified golden section for unimodal piecewise constant...
headstHead Start data from Ludwig and Miller (2007)
IKBW.fitImbens and Kalyanaraman bandwidth
kernCConstants for common kernels.
KernMM matrix
KernMomentMoments of a kernel.
lee08Lee (2008) US House elections dataset
LPPDataClass Constructor for LPPData
LPPHonestHonest inference at a point
LPPHonest.fitHonest inference at a point
LPP_MROT.fitRule of thumb for choosing M
LPPOptBWOptimal Bandwidth Selection for inference at a point
LPPOptBW.fitOptimal bandwidth selection for inference at a point
LPPPrelimVarCompute preliminary estimate of variance
LPPregLocal Polynomial Regression at a point
LPRegLocal polynomial regression at a point, normalized to 0
plot_RDscatterScatterplot of binned raw observations
QCompute inverse modulus squared divided by 4
RDDataClass Constructor for RDData
RDEstimatorCompute optimal estimator based on solution to modulus...
RDgbCSolution to inverse modulus problem in RD under Taylor(2)...
RDHonestHonest inference in RD
RDHonestBMEBME method to compute honest CIs in RD designs with discrete...
RDHonest.fitHonest inference in RD
RDLFFunctionSolve modulus problem in RD under second-order Taylor class
RDlpformulaFormula for local polynomial regression
RDLPregLocal Polynomial Regression in Sharp RD
RD_MROT.fitRule of thumb for choosing M
RDOptBWOptimal Bandwidth Selection in Regression Discontinuity
RDOptBW.fitOptimal bandwidth selection in RD
RDPrelimVarCompute preliminary estimate of variance
RDSmoothnessBoundLower bound on smoothness constant M in RD designs
RDTEfficiencyBoundFinite-sample efficiency bounds for minimax CIs
RDTOpt.fitOptimal inference in RD under Taylor class
rebpLalive (2008) Unemployment duration dataa
ROTBW.fitRule of thumb bandwidth for inference at a point
sigmaNNmethod assumes X is sorted
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