Man pages for konradsemsch/aider
Perform everyday analytical and data science tasks more efficiently

aider_themeAider ggplot2 theme
analyse_interactionsFind meaningfull interactions
analyse_missingAnalyse missing values
analyse_predictivenessAnalyse variables predictiveness
analyse_transformationsFind predictive variable transformations
apply_movApply multivariate outlier detection
apply_recipeApply a model recipe
apply_rfeApply recursive feature elimination
assess_performanceAssess model performance
calculate_bad_rateCalculate bad rate
calculate_correlationCalculate tidy correlation
calculate_decile_tableCalculate a decile breakdown
calculate_importanceFind the most important variables
calculate_logodds_tableCalculate a log-odds table
calculate_shareCalcuate grand total share
calculate_stats_numericCalculate statistics of numerical attributes
calibrate_probabilitiesThis function calibrates model predicted probabilities by...
cap_at_percentileCap numeric values at selected percentiles
cap_betweenCap numeric values between two values
change_namesChange a vector or data frame names
count_proportionsCount proportions of levels
count_uniqueCount unique observations
first_to_lowerConvert strings first letter to lowercase
first_to_upperConvert strings first letter to uppercase
format_my_tableFormat a knitr table nicely
lookupPerform vlookups similar as in Excel
number_ticksEqual sized axis ticks
plot_barsPlot bar-plots of numerical variables
plot_boxplotPlot box-plots of numerical variables
plot_calibrationPlot a calibration plot of model performance
plot_correlationPlot a correlation matrix of numerical variables
plot_decilesPlot decile plots of numerical variables
plot_densityPlot density of numerical variables
plot_linePlot lines of numerical variables. Usefull especially for...
plot_logoddsPlot a log-odds table
round_toRound values to integers
select_palettePalettes are based on the list of available color schemes:...
set_me_upBasic R session setup
train_modelTrain various predictive models
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