Man pages for konstantin-kotochigov/ML-UTILS
Kostyan's functions

apply.factor.groupingApply groupings to new data
classify.columnsGet variables class information
compute.woeCreate cross-tabulation between factor and binary target
convert.columnsConvert columns
create.woeCreate WOE mapping
cv.glmCompute average AUC with cross-validation
find.optimal.subsetBeta date features
get.auc.importanceCalculate AUC importance of each attribute
get.chisq.importanceCalculate Chi-squared importance of each attribute names of all date columns date format
get.factor.columnsGet names of all factor columns
get.numeric.columnsGet names of all numeric columns
get.proposed.conversionsGet proposed type conversions
get.rf.importanceCalculate RandomForest importance of each attribute
get.var.importanceCalculate combined importance measure of each attribute
group.factorPut rare factor values into separate group
optimal.factor.groupingOptimal factor cutoff (Beta) empty factor values with "NA" numeric missing values with mean missing numeric values (beta) missing to random numeric missing values with zero
standardize.columnsStandardize columns
woe.applyApply WOE mapping to new data
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