Man pages for koohyun-kwon/OptACI
Methods to Construct Optimal Average Coverage Confidence Intervals

ACIOptimal Average Coverage Confidence Interval
ACI_AKPOptimal Average Coverage Confidence Interval Using AKP...
ACI_auxOptimal Average Coverage Confidence Interval under Normality...
ACI_orcOracle Average Coverage Confidence Interval
ACP_checkAverage Coverage Probability Diagnostics
bias_testTest of Large Bias
cfunCoefficient Calculation for Series Expansion
chilamHalf-length Solver
chilam_normHalf-length Solver under Normality Assumption
chilam_orcOracle Half-length Solver
cov_probAverage Coverage Probability
cov_prob_nobiasUnbiased Half-oracle Average Coverage Probability Estimator
cov_prob_trAverage Coverage Probability: Truncated
d.factorialDouble Factorial
ebci_cutoffCutoff Value Finder for the AKP Procedure
gnBACP Estimation by Polynomial Approximation
gnB_biasBias Upper Bound Estimation
gnB_normACP Estimation by Polynomial Approximation under Normality...
gnB_norm2ACP Estimation by Polynomial Approximation under Normality...
gnZSimple ACP Estimation
gnZ_condSimple ACP Estimation with Lower Variance
H_calHermite Polynomial
hfunCoefficient Calculation Helper Function for Series Expansion
hpolProbabilist's Hermite polynomial Coefficients
lam_adjShrinkage Factor Adjustment
mono_chiTest of Monotonicity
norm_momentGaussian Moments
plot_4Plot 4 Figures
plot_resPlot Creator for Coverage and Half-length Results
res_chi_orcOralce Half-legnth Generation
res_formatSimulation Result Data Cleaning
res_genCI Result Generation for Multiple Methods
set_specSpecification Setup
th_genMean Vector Generator
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