Man pages for kosukeimai/qss-package
Data and Code for "Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction"

afghanAfghanistan Survey Data
afghan.villageAfghanistan Village Data
canada2011Canada Election Data (2011)
ccap2012Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project (CCAP) Data
chinawomenSex Ratio and the Price of Agricultural Crops in China
cnamesUS Census Bureau Surname List Data
congressLegislative Ideal Points Data
constitutionAnalyzing the Preambles of Constitutions
electionsCounty-Level US Presidential Election Data
faceFacial Appearanace Experiment Data
filedrawerTESS Program Academic Research Data
FLCensusFlorida Census Data at the Voting District Level
florentineFlorence Marriage Network Data
florida1996 and 2000 US Presidential Election Data for Florida...
FLVotersFlorida Registered Voter List Sample Data
gayGay Marriage Study Data
gayreshapedReshaped Gay Marrige Study Data
intrade08Intrade Betting Market Data
intrade12Intrade Prediction Market Data
KenyaFertility and Mortality estimates data (Kenya)
leadersLeader Assassination Data
minwageMinimum Wage Study Data
MPsBritish Parliament Personal Wealth Data
nazisAnalysis of the 1932 German Election
polls082008 US Presidential State Polls Data
polls122012 US Presidential Polls Data
pollsUS082008 US Presidential National Polls Data
pres082008 US Presidential Election Data
pres122012 US Presidential Election Data
progresaProgresa Program Data
publishedPublished Journal Article Data
resumeResume Experiment Data
russia2003Russian Election Data (2003)
russia2011Russian Election Data (2011)
russia2012Russian Election Data (2012)
socialSocial Pressure Experiment Data
STARSTAR Project Data
SwedenFertility and Mortality estimates data (Sweden)
tradeInternational Trade Network Data
transferBrazilian Government Transfer Data
turnoutUS election turnout data
twitter.followingSenator Follow / Following Data
twitter.senatorSenator Information Data
UNpopUnited Nations Population Estimates
unvotingUN Voting Data
USGiniUS Gini Coefficient Data
vignettesPolitical Efficacy Data
walmartWalmart Store Opening Data
womenWomen as Policy Makers Experiment
WorldFertility and Mortality estimates data (World)
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