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Estimates Regional Sources of Air Pollution

angle'angle' Computes angle between major and local source...
consConcPollution concentrations over time for 85 northeast US...
mAPCAFunctions for mAPCA
matchfun'matchfun' Matches major and local source signatures
mnvarMean and variances of sources for generating lognormal data
monitorsNELocations of 85 northeast US monitors used in SHARE study
outervPCAFind regional sources
percinc'percinc' Percent increase
ppartBasic functions for share
sharehealthFind sources SHared Across a REgion (SHARE)
vPCA'vPCA' applies PCA with a varimax rotation
vPCAf'vPCAf' Applies PCA and vPCA and formats outcome
whichCS'whichCS' Find matches from matchfun
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