Man pages for krehfeld/nest
Non-equally spaced time series analysis

ar1surAR1 surrogates for irregularly sampled time series.
carCoupled AR-1 processes
degclustCompute degree and clustering for small complex networks
effective_ts_lengthdegrees of freedom of an irregular autocorrelated time...
gaussbandpassGaussian kernel bandpass and smoothing
gaussfunSimple Gaussian kernel function
gausssmoothGaussian kernel smoother
generate_ar1Simulate irregular time series
generate_tGenerate irregular time axes with controlled properties
get_reversibGet the reversibility of time series
medsmooMedian Smoother
nest-packageAnalysis of non-equally spaced time series
network_statsPaleoclimate network statistics
nexcfPearson correlation for irregular time series
psdLSCompute spectrum via the Lomb-Scargle periodogram
pspekPeriodogram from autocorrelation function
quality_checkQuality checks and convenient splitting of time series
sim.powerlawSimulate a power law time series
tauestEstimate the AR1 persistence time
tsc_dep_varTimescale-dependent variance estimation
var_ciConfidence intervals for variances, and ratios of variances.
window_by_timeCut an irregular zoo time series into windows using the value...
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