Man pages for krisrs1128/LFExpers
Experiments in Latent Factor Modeling

elnet_funWrapper for glmnet at a specific lambda
elnet_penCompute the elastic net penalty
get_BGiven Y, H, and W, optimize B coordinate descent
independent_modelsFit an independent model for each response coordinate
lf_logit_objobjective function for LF logit model
lf_spline_logitLogistic regression with spline basis
logitlogit fun
logit_lflogistic regression latent factors
lsamPerform alternating minimization for a latent source model
lsam_objectiveCompute objective for alternating minimization
merge_spline_lf_optsMerge in default options for spline_lf()
spline_lfAlternating minimization for spline latent source model
spline_lf_objectiveCompute terms in the objective for the spline latent factor...
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