Man pages for krisrs1128/cleanUtils
A place to put cleaning functions that have been useful before.

blanks_to_nasConvert factor levels == "" to NA
cast_wrapperWrapper for casting tables from long to wide
clean_agesRemove negative ages
clean_datesClean date columns. Right now only caps dates at tomorrow's...
convert_classesConvert the columns in a data.table to specified types
get_convert_funFunctional to get type conversion functions
get_date_featuresGet features associated with a POSIXct date
get_prefixGet prefixes up to a character in a vector of strings
levels_to_intConvert long factor names to integers
merge_process_optsMerge processing options
preprocess_dataWrapper to preprocess raw data tables
remove_constant_colsRemove columns that all one number / level / all NA
remove_na_colsRemove columns of X that are at least some proportion NA
sanitize_colnamesSanitize column names of a matrix
sanitize_namesSanitize character vector
sum_naWrapper for sum() that gives NA when all elements are 0
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