Man pages for krisrs1128/gflasso
Perform graph structured multitask regression, according to Chen, et al.

accgradNesterov's Accelerated Gradient Descent
cv_gflassoCross Validation for GFLasso
cv_plot_gflassoPlot Results from Cross Validation
get_alpha_optGet Optimal Alpha S(C * W' / mu) where S projects into the...
get_B_nextGet next value of B in gradient descent
get_grad_fCalculate the gradient for one step
get_HGet H matrix giving Graph Penalization
get_LuGet automatic step-sizes
gflassoGraph Fused Lasso via Smoothed Proximal Gradient Descent
merge_proxgrad_optsMerge default proximal gradient descent options
objectiveGet the objective of the current estimates
rmseCompute the root mean squared error
soft_thresholdStandard soft-thresholding operator
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