Man pages for krisrs1128/ggscaffold
Scaffolding for Verbose ggplot Figures

add_facetFacet a plot according to specified variables
ggboxplotNice default options for (grid of) boxplots
ggcontoursDefault Contour / Stat Density 2D plot
ggheatmapMake heatmaps with nice defaults
gglinesMake line plots with nice defaults
merge_boxplot_optsMerge default options for a boxplot
merge_contour_optsMerge default options for contour plots
merge_heatmap_optsMerge default options for a heatmap
merge_line_optsMerge default options for a lines plot
merge_theme_optsMerge in Theme Defaults
min_themeProvide a Custom, Minimal Theme
order_varsReorder levels in a vector
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