Man pages for krisrs1128/mvarVis
Visualize multivariate analysis results.

add_eigenvalue_infoAdd eigenvalue information
ade4_to_mvarConvert an ade4 object into class mVarTable
boot_count_vectorBoostrap a count vector
boot_count_vector_Boostrap a count vector (Internal)
boot_ordinationBoostrap ordination.
boot_prop_vectorBoostrap a vector of proportions
boot_tableBootstrap table.
boot_vectorWrapper for boostrap a count or Dirichlet vectors
build_aes_and_non_aes_listsConstruct Aesthetics List
build_layers_listConstruct Layers List
build_optsBuild Opts lists
build_opts_wrapperWrap options building process
check_tableCheck if valid table format
convert_to_mvarConvert vegan and ade4 objects to class mvar
cosinesGet squared cosines from a set of scores
default_table_namesGet the tables to put into an mvarTable object
factominer_to_mvarConvert a FactoMineR object to class mvarTable
get_annotation_listGet Annotation to combine with mvarVis Object
match_ordi_methodSearch Vegan and ade4 for matching method
merge_mvar_d3_defaultsMerge default opts for mvar htmlwidgets plots
merge_table_plot_optsSupply Default Table Plotting Options
merge_tablesMerge tables
mvar_annotateAdd annotation to an 'mvarTable'
mvar_boot_to_tableConvert mvarBootTable to mvarTable
ordiWrapper for ade4 and vegan ordi functions
ordi_wrapperWrapper for vegan / ade4 / factominer ordination methods
plot_mvarPlot an mvar object from annotation names
plot_mvar_d3Interactive multivariate analysis plots
plot_mvar_from_optsPlot an mvar object from options list
plot_tablePlot an element of class mvarLayer
rdirichletSample from Dirichlet Distribution
running_cosinesGet running sum of squared cosines from a set of scores
scale_to_max_radiusScale one table to the max radius of another
scale_to_median_radiusScale one table to the median radius of another
vegan_to_mvarConvert a vegan object into class mVarTable
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