Man pages for krisrs1128/treelapse
Visualization for Tree-Structured Collections of Counts and Series

doi_sankey<Add Title>
doi_tree<Add Title>
get_rootGet root node
merge_doi_displayMerge in default display for doi tree / sankey
merge_edge_valuesMerge edges and values into one data.table
merge_timebox_displayMerge in default display for timebox trees / treeboxes
taxa_edgelistGet Edgelist from Tax Table
timebox_treeCreate Timebox Trees
tip_descendantsGet all the descendants that are tips
treeboxCreate treeboxes
tree_funApply a function recursively through the tree
tree_fun_multiWrapper to compute tree aggregations over many samples
tree_jsonGenerate a nested list representing a tree structure
tree_meanAverage values in tips to internal nodes
tree_sumAggregate values in tips to internal nodes
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