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A minimal example for a drat repository created and uploaded by {tic}, hosting source and binary macOS packages. {tic} is an R package for CI-agnostic workflow definitions for various R projects. See its documentation for more information.

The magic of this example package comes from the macro tic::do_drat() which is being called in tic.R. By default, binaries are only build and pushed for non-dev versions to keep the drat repo size small. Consult the vignettes of the {tic} package for more details.

Differences to a conventional CI setup

Only a few files need to be added or changed to enable integration with {tic}:

Set up an operational fork of this repository

If you want to experiment with travis and {tic} for a drat project, you can fork it.

  1. Use usethis::create_from_github() to automatically create a fork of this repo. If you use RStudio, a new RStudio project will open. You may need to set up your SSH credentials first. See this guide if you're having problems. (It's definitely worth getting this function running as it saves you a lot of time in the future!) Alternatively, fork this repo on Github and then create a new R Project within RStudio (File -> New Project -> Version Control -> Github).
  2. Run tic::use_tic() to set up all requirements needed for the CI integration of your package.

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