Man pages for ks905383/quantproj
Project Climate Data Based on Changes in Distribution Shape

build.projectionProject a time series based on estimated quantile changes
combine.locsRe-merge quantile map projections
combine.paramsRe-merge Quantile Regression Coefficients
estimate.quantilesEstimate quantiles of a climate time series
get.ncdfLoad Subsets of NetCDF Files By Location, Run, Time
get.predictorsBuild spline basis functions
get.process.chunksGet File Information to Allow Processing of Subsets
get.quantile.changesGet changes in estimated quantiles
get.quantilesEstimate quantiles of a normalized time series
helloHello, World!
make.quantile.surfacesConstruct quantile estimates
project.climateProject climate distribution changes with resampling
set.defaultsSet default inputs for quantile mapping
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