Man pages for ksauby/dataproc
Data processing functions.

arrange_ggplot2arrange multiple ggplots into one window
assignSeasonAssign Season based on Date
calculateClimateVariablesCalculate climate variables from weather data
calculateDateLagsCalculate lag dates: Previous_Survey_Date,...
calculateDegreeDaysCalculate Growing Degree Days
calculateFruitLagsCalculate fruit production variables at the previous time...
calculateInsectLagsCalculate insect presence at previous time step
calculateInsectLags2Calculate insect presence at time lag 2
calculateInsectLags3Calculate insect presence at time lag 3
calculateLagGroupedDFCalculate lags on a grouped dataframe
calculateRGRCalculate Relative Growth Rate
calculateSizeLagsCalculate size variables at the previous time step
change_weather_names_function1Abbreviate weather variable names
change_weather_names_function2Abbreviate weather variable names to two characters
change_weather_names_function3Abbreviate weather variable names
Confirmed_Dead_Missing_FunctionConfirm a Plant as Dead or Missing
Convert_Magic_FunctionConvert the format of multiple columns
createFecundityYearCreate Create a Fecundity Year Variable
CreateKML_FunctionCreate a KML from a dataframe
createOrientationArrowCreate an Orientation Arrow
createScaleBarCreate a Scale Bar for a ggmap
Dead_Missing_FunctionFunction to determine if plant was ever observed dead or...
fecundity_rescale_functionFecundity Rescale Function
filterClimateDataByQualityFilter data by quality
fixErroneousTempsFix Erroneous Temperature Data
formatasFactorsFormat as Factors
formatClimateDataYearDayofYearCreate Year and Day of Year Variables for Climate Data
formatconvertClimateDataFormat and convert weather data
Format_Date_FunctionFormat dates
formatWeatherStationInfoFormat Weather Station Info
getClimateDataByLocationDateChoose closest weather variable measurement for each...
ggbiplot2PCA Plotting Function
KESthemePublication-ready ggplot2 Theme
MaximumReturn the maximum value of a vector, after removing NAs.
MeanReturn the mean of a vector with up to two decimal places,...
mergeClimateFilesMerge Weather Data Files and Format Column Names
MinimumReturn the minimum value of a vector, after removing NAs.
multiplotMultiple plot function
mysumReturn NA for vector of NAs
mysum1Return NA for sums below 1
mysum2Return 1 for sums greater than 0.
mysum3Return 1 for sums greater than 0, as well as for when vector...
NA_FunctionReplace values with NA.
NA_is_Zero_FunctionChange NA values to 0.
No_FunctionChange "No" values to 0.
numbers2wordsMultiple plot function
PercentageReturn the percentage of a vector with up to one decimal...
popCVPopulation Coefficient of Variation
PopVarianceReturn the population variance of a vector, after removing...
process_FWtemp_PCA_dataProcess Fall/Winter PCA Temperature data before merging with...
process_SStemp_PCA_dataProcess Spring/Summer PCA Temperature data before merging...
process_temp_PCA_dataProcess PCA Temperature data before merging with survey data.
Quality_Flag_FunctionFilter Data by Quality Flag
Replace_0_w_No_FunctionReplace 0 with "No".
Replace_1_w_Yes_FunctionReplace 1 with "Yes".
Replace_Blank_w_Okay_FunctionReplace blank values (quality is okay) with "Okay"
Replace_NA_w_Blank_FunctionReplace NA with "".
Replace_NA_w_Period_FunctionReplace NA with a ".".
rescale_functionRescale Function
round_dfRound Function
safe.ifelseIfelse function that retains the original class of a variable
sampleCVSample Coefficient of Variation
saveConfirmedDeadMissingSave File with Confirmed Dead and Missing Plants
scaleBarCreate a Scale Bar
seasonsDatasets of Start Dates for the Astronomical Seasons for the...
stricta_rescale_functionRescale Function
substrRightSaves the last n characters in a string
SumReturn the sum of a vector, after removing NAs.
TransformCalculate log and sqrt transformations
UniqueReturn unique values of a vector after removal of NA
VarianceReturn the sample variance of a vector, after removing NAs,...
Yes_FunctionStandardize "Yes" values.
Yes_No_from_1_0_FunctionRename Convert 1/0 to Yes/No
Zero_is_NA_FunctionReplace 0 with NA.
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