Man pages for kuraisle/psRIIfit
Written for the analysis of psRII unfolding data.

concConvertConvert a table of peak intensities to concentrations
concPlotPlot fitted concentrations against the total concentration
conLtoMGet a matrix of constants from mkin
constantsOutGets the constants from mkin output
exConlsFit extinction coefficients to your intensity data
exCoYeahCalculate the concentrations of species from intensities
fitDemPeaksA formula to fit peaks to a set of data
gaussgenA generator of multiple gaussian peaks
gaussintIntensity gaussian
helloHello, World!
mkinFormatConverts concentrations into mkin's format
modA function to fit a timepoint to a model formula
renameFrameRename data frames to be compatible with fitDemPeaks
shortspecShorten spectra to your desired length
spect.frametolistConvert a data frame of spectra to a list
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