Man pages for kwdoyle/kevtools
Kevin's Useful Functions for Stats, etc.

BetterDropNADrop rows where every column specified is NA
DichotTestTest for differences in dichotomized numeric variables
MakeCountTablesGet counts and percentages from a table
MakeCountTablesGroupGet counts and percentages from a table split by a grouping...
MakeSQLTempTableCreate a Microsoft SQL Server temporary table
MultiRegressMultiple linear or logistinc regression
PermutationTestRun a permutation test
QualitativeStatisticsCompare qualitative variables between a grouping variable
QuantitativeDemographicsSummary statistics on quantitative variables
QuantitativeDemographicsGroupSummary statistics on quantitative variables per group
QuantitativeStatisticsComparative stats on quantitative variables per group
readDBRead a multi-sheet excel table into a list
readExtendedExcelRead an "extended" excel file
SmoothTimeSeriesClean a time series
UnivariateRegressPerform a univariate regression analysis
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