Man pages for kylebaron/optimhelp
Helper functions for optimizing in R

coeffGet estimated and fixed values from a parset object.
coef-parset-methodGet estimated (non-fixed) values from a parset object.
fix_parFix some parameters in a set.
graftGraft new estimates into a 'parset' object.
ident_parCreate a list of untransformed parameters.
initialsGenerate initial estimates from a parset.
logit_parCreate a list of logit-transformed parameters.
log_parCreate a list of log-transformed parameters.
parPar object class.
parsetParset object class.
require_parName required parameters in a parset.
tformGet the name of the transformation function.
transTransform transformed parameters in a parset object.
untransUntransform parameters in a parset object.
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