Man pages for kyoustat/DAS
Distance-bAsed Statistical methods

akmeansApproximate K-Means Clustering
bmdsBayesian Multidimensional Scaling by Oh and Raftery (2001)
cmdsClassical Multidimensional Scaling
cohesionCohesion in Finite Metric Space
couplingoptimal transport; returns p-Wasserstein distance
cvindexCluster Validity Indices based on Pairwise Distance
DASDistance-bAsed Statistical methods
emdsEuclified Multidimensional Scaling
hausdorffHausdorff Distance
kmeansppk-means++ seeding
ksetsK-Sets Clustering Algorithm
nefNegative Eigenfraction
nemNegative Eigenvalue Magnitude
reldistRelative Distance in Finite Metric Space
test2.2014bgBiswas and Ghosh (2014)
test2.2018bbwTest for Equality of Two Distributions by Blumberg, Bhaumik,...
test2.2018extextended : seems like it's working
testk.mdfMDF test
testk.ssdSum of Squared Distances
tsnet-SNE embedding
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