Man pages for kyoustat/T4Gauss
Tools and Methods for Gaussian Distribution

gauss.barycenterBarycenter of Gaussian Distributions
gauss.evalEvaluate Gaussian
gauss.interpInterpolate Two Gaussian Distributions
gauss.kmeansK-Means clustering for Gaussian Distributions
gauss.kmediansK-Medians clustering for Gaussian Distributions
gauss.ksetsK-Sets Algorithm
gauss.mdsMDS for Gaussian
gauss.medianGeometric Median of Gaussian Distributions
gauss.pdistPairwise Distance/Dissimilarities between Gaussian...
gauss.pdist2Pairwise Distances between two sets of Gaussian distributions
gauss.sampleDraw random samples from Gaussian distribution via...
gmm.evalEvaluate density and hard clustering of data with GMM model
gmm.mergeLarge-scale Finite Gaussian Mixture Model Estimation via...
gmm.sampleSample from Gaussian Mixture Model
mvnormMultivariate Gaussian Distribution
package-T4GaussTools and Methods for Gaussian Distribution
rnormSampling from Univariate Gaussian Distribution
wrapgaussWrap Gaussian distribution into 'S3' object of class...
wrapgmmWrap Mixture of Gaussians into 'S3' object of class 'wrapgmm'
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